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About Us

Pixel Artist is a driven and dynamic creative design agency that believes in supporting you through every step of the design process: From imagining possibilities, to creative problem solving, and always speedily adapting to your evolving needs. With our bold and unconventional approach, we experiment with creative solutions that deconstruct established ideas and challenge boundaries, presenting you with products that are not just accessible, functional and aesthetically pleasant; but distinct, eloquent, and memorable.

We understand that every client is unique and your concerns are important, and take pride in building relationships to understand and serve your particular needs. Come have a chat with us and let us show you how we can provide the creative services that best realise your ideas.

* Graphic Design for Publication, Corporate Collateral & Advertising
* Brand Concept & Corporate Identity
* Exhibition & Event Design
* Illustration

* Digital Web Design
* Web/System Development
* Web/System Management
* Online banner & Electronic Direct Mailer

Collaborative Specialist:
* Web/System Developing
* Print and Installation

Meet the Team

Business Dev.
Creative Director
Art Director

Our Clients